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A number of auto body repair shops offer high-quality services for affordable prices, the problem is a lot of them don’t have the required infrastructure or team of technicians to deliver on such promises. If you are looking for a reliable and effective collision repair shop, it’s important to look for the I-Car or ASE certification logo. These logos confirm that the technicians employed by the repair shop you are seeking are knowledgeable in mechanical and electrical component systems ensuring they are capable of inspecting and repairing your vehicle. All Coach and Carriage technicians are certified, we serve Boston and its surrounding areas which includes Weston.

Most vehicles can be repaired depending on the damage suffered. Nowadays, most car frames and bodies are built as one (unibody) which means, unless the section concerned is beyond repair in which case it can just be replaced, our technicians can comfortably return your vehicle to its original factory settings. This process should be fairly straightforward for skilled technicians.

Coach and Carriage is dedicated to providing its clientele with the highest quality service possible, your satisfaction is always our priority. Furthermore, we are approved by all major insurance companies which contributes to our stress and hassle free repair process. A bad repair can lead to putting you and others lives in serious danger. There are many things that can lead to a bad repair but the most notable one is when low-quality parts are used for the repair. This is why checking the reputation of the collision repair shop you are planning on utilizing is so crucial.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our services or are in need of assistance or further information. A member of our team will be happy to help you.

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